Automated Transport System (ATS)

Automated Transport Systems (ATS)

Using people to push carts through hallways provides minimal value. A typical hospital wastes many labor hours each day through the manual transportation of materials from point A to point B. An Automated Transport System (ATS) embraces lean philosophies by using technology (Automated Guided Vehicles or AGVs) to reduce wasted human effort, while continuing to value the existing work force and refocusing them on tasks which more directly impact patient care.

Synergent is one of only a handful of qualified hospital ATS consultants, and contributed to two of the largest and most successful hospital ATS installations of the past decade: Ohio State University Medical Center and Cleveland Clinic. Synergent is also able to consult with hospitals regarding the viability and estimated payback of adding an AGV-based Automated Transport System to an existing or future hospital.

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