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Project Profile 1024C thumbnail imageThe Ohio State University Medical Center
  • 1,000+ Beds
  • 2,400 Daily Cart Moves
  • 8 Support Departments
Synergent Services:
  • Design Coordination of AGV-based Automated Transport System
  • Contract Administration for Equipment Consultant and ATS Vendor
  • Owner’s Representative / Project Facilitation / Project Management
  • Commissioning
Synergent Contributions:
  • Re-energized and focused a stalled project.
  • Provided a clear interface between owner, building teams, equipment
    consultant and ATS vendor.
  • Managed project within budget and held owner-initiated change
    orders to 6% of ATS vendor’s contract.
  • Produced a detailed functional punch list with software screenshots
    to assure clean contract closure.
  • Developed a detailed ATS management plan for the owner.
Scope of Project (2001-2004)
  • $9.7 Million in ATS Equipment and Software
  • Forty-six (46) Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
  • Seven (7) Dedicated ATS Elevators
  • Two (2) Automatic Cart Washers
  • Ten (10) AGV Battery Chargers
  • Approximately 800 Carts in 8 Different Styles
  • 264 Pick-up/Drop-off Positions in 50 Locations
  • ERP Software and OR Information System Integrated to Allow
    Automatic Handling of Surgical Case Carts
Key Synergent Consultants:

ATS Implementation Planning & Support

The Ohio State University Medical Center
ATS Benchmark Since 2004

The Ohio State University Medical Center photo

Carnegie/89th Street Garage & Service Center

Cleveland Clinic
Project Value: $192 million

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Central Sterile Supply Department

The Ohio State University Medical Center
Project Value: $7.2 million

The Ohio State University Medical Center photo
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